10 Oct 2014

Five Fantastic Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Farm animal sanctuaries are literal life-savers. They have risen in prominence greatly over the last few years, which is absolutely fantastic, and I hope this positive growth continues over the years to come. Without farm animal sanctuaries, there would be no place for sick, old, discarded and unwanted farm animals to go when the farmers decide their time is up. Here, I have comprised a list of the most well-known farm animal sanctuaries in my experience. All farm animal sanctuary owners, employees and volunteers deserve great commendation for their selfless work. Here's a select list of five, in no particular order:

1. Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary, founded in 1986, was one of the first farm animal sanctuaries to rise to prominence. The organisation owns and operates three shelters across the United States, housing a total of over 1,000 rescued animals.

Farm Sanctuary's website is an excellent source of information about factory farming. If you know anyone who's looking to learn more about why it's important to be vegan, their website is a great option. There's also plenty of interesting information about the sanctuary's animal residents, with gorgeous photos to boot.

Many beautiful chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, geese and cattle all call Farm Sanctuary their home. If you'd like to donate to help these peaceful creatures, visit this link. If you live nearby, you can also help out through volunteering.

2. Edgar's Mission

Edgar's Mission is an Australian farm animal sanctuary named after the owner's very first rescue pig, Edgar, who sadly passed away in 2010. He has since become known as "the pig who started it all". Edgar's Mission loves and cares for over 300 rescued farm animals, from chickens and ducks to goats and sheep.

The Edgar's Mission website provides heart-warming details about each and every animal resident, along with beautiful photographs. There is also a special page dedicated to former Edgar's Mission residents who have passed on.

If you are interested, here is link allowing you to donate to help the animals and dedicated workers at Edgar's Mission. You can also help the sanctuary through purchasing a few animal-themed products; including bags, posters, calendars, cards and books.

3. Freedom Hill Sanctuary

Freedom Hill Sanctuary, also located in Australia (in Adelaide, my home town!), was formed only recently in 2011, beginning with a tiny lamb named Lynn. Lynn, like Edgar, was the animal who inspired it all. Freedom Hill is now home to dozens of animals who have been saved from an otherwise terrible fate.

The Freedom Hill Sanctuary website offers photographs and detailed descriptions of each animal resident - I dare you to try not to fall in love with them all!

If you'd like to help the residents at Freedom Hill, please visit their homepage and choose a donation amount. Volunteering opportunities are also available, as well as annual organised fun events and fundraisers. 

4. Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Brightside Farm Sanctuary truly lives up to its name. Located in Tasmania, Australia, Brightside Farm Sanctuary helps to re-home over 500 abandoned and unwanted farm animals each year. Their sanctuary is currently home to over 250 animals. They also dedicate much of their time to promoting and advocating veganism and animal rights.

Like the other sanctuary's websites, Brightside Farm Sanctuary's online presence provides animal-lovers with tear-jerking tributes, detailed descriptions and picturesque photographs - check them out if you have the time. I promise you won't regret it!

The Brightside team's efforts to re-home over 300 dogs a year are commendable, as well as their dedication to their permanent animal residents. If you'd like to support Brightside Farm Sanctuary, visit this link to donate or this link to shop for gorgeous animal-themed products.

5. C-A-L-F Sanctuary 

C-A-L-F Sanctuary, located in England, is selflessly run by a very small team of animal lovers. Along with the sanctuary is an 100% vegan cafe, whose profits go towards helping the rescued animals. C-A-L-F is home to an array of beautiful creatures, especially Gevan, the gorgeous highland hiefer who acts as somewhat of a mascot for the organisation.

As a small sanctuary run by so few volunteers, C-A-L-F Sanctuary's residents need all the help they can get. To donate, please visit this link, or shop here. I'm certain they would also appreciate the helping hand of a volunteer, so if you live in the area, why not pay them a visit?

Meet them, don't eat them!
Without farm animal sanctuaries, abandoned, unwanted and mistreated farm animals would simply be put to death without a whisper of a thought. The selfless employees and volunteers of these sanctuaries pour their hearts out to these animals, offering them a second chance at life. We can help these wonderful charities through spreading awareness, donating and volunteering our time. It's the very least they deserve for their hard work and compassion.

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